_Topic: Performance Dynamics - Before, The Moment, After
Description: A performance is an interplay of concept, competence, collaboration and connections. All performances can be presentations but the reverse is not always true. The difference lies in the connection that a performer can create with the audience that transforms a great performance into a magical one. Sunita structures her performances into three parts - conceptualization and planning that happens before the act, the three way communication that happens on stage (with the performer herself, with her co-performers and the interaction with the audience) and the reactions of the audience after the performance that sets the stage for future shared experiences. Some profound life lessons can be learnt from the music world in the context of a performance. Sunita will demonstrate her approach to music with the aid of her violin at TEDxBandra.

To view the full video of our December 2011 TEDxBandra event, please click here.



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